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In which I conclude my rambling on the F13 remake and thoughts about what i do with the franchise.

In which I ramble about Jason X, Freddy vs. Jason, and the Friday the 13th remake.

In which I ramble about Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X

In which I ramble about F13 part 7 and 8

In which I ramble about Friday the 13 parts 5-8.  Also in which I begin by quoting Mitch Hedberg.  And talk about how awesome Kevin Hart would be in these films.

Also note, soundcloud has limited space, so I will be uploading versions of these directly to tumblr as the days go by and deleting them off soundcloud.  I can probably give anyone direct download links if they want them.

In which I ramble on about Friday the 13th parts 2-4.

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In which I talk a little bit about Slasher films and then about the first Friday the 13th film.  I will put up the ramblings about II-IV tomorrow.